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Press Release

The REAL State of Our Nation: Organised Crime and Illicit Trade

Thursday 9 February 2023 – A STARK warning about the organised crime gangs who are looting our nation and threatening the future of every South African is issued today by Tax Justice SA (TJSA).

In its REAL State of the Nation address, TJSA founder Yusuf Abramjee says: “Today our country stands at a tipping point. Our deepening electricity crisis is due to high-level corruption and criminal cartels who have been looting our vital power-generating network of billions of rand.

“Now, organised crime kingpins spearheading an unprecedented growth in illicit trade have captured other key sectors of our economy.

“They’re stealing more than R100 billion annually from the state purse by selling smuggled, counterfeit and other tax-evading goods.

“As a direct result, honest, hard-working South Africans are being deprived of the essential services which those taxes are meant to buy.”

In a hard-hitting video, Abramjee says the R100 billion stolen from South Africa every year could pay for:

  • A basic income grant for half the population
  • A free house for 5 million desperate citizens every year
  • Solar systems that would take 100 small towns annually off the Eskom grid for ever

“Instead, transnational organised crime gangs are using this ill-gotten wealth to build lives of luxury and to fund their other deeply destructive enterprises like prostitution, human trafficking and even terrorism,” says Abramjee.

“South Africans are fed up with living in a country where crime is allowed to pay. Illicit trade is the real state of our nation. Our leaders can afford to tolerate it no longer.”

The video concludes with a call for all South Africans to join TJSA’s new offensive against the criminals looting our nation, Stop Skyf Capture. For full details go to