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Tax Justice South Africa is campaigning to restore a lawful and prosperous South Africa and to ensure equal opportunity for all its citizens.

Tax Justice South Africa is campaigning to restore a lawful and prosperous South Africa and to ensure equal opportunity for all its citizens.

Every year, criminals steal tens of billions of rand in legally due taxes. Money that belongs to the South African people and that should be returned immediately.

This large-scale tax evasion and theft is depriving South Africans of the vital services needed to lift millions out of poverty.

Tax Justice South Africa will work to raise awareness of the extent to which criminals are looting South Africa, but also demand that they’re prosecuted and locked up behind bars once and for all.

“I set up Tax Justice South Africa to put the criminals that are destroying the futures of South Africans behind bars.

My years as an anti-crime activist have taught me that unless there is a real threat of prosecution, there is no reason for criminals to stop what they’re doing.

We need to change our approach to how we tackle organised crime. Now is the time for action, now is the time to lock them up.”

– Yusuf Abramjee, Founder, Tax Justice South Africa

Yusuf Abramjee, Founder

Yusuf Abramjee is the founder of Tax Justice South Africa. As one of South Africa’s leading social activists, Yusuf has dedicated his career to fighting crime and has won various awards and acknowledgements for his work. He is Vice President of Crime Stoppers International, Ambassador for #TurnBackCrime and head of #MakeSASafe. He was also the head of Crime Line, South Africa’s award-winning anonymous tip-off initiative that led to thousands of arrests and the seizure of millions of rand worth of illegal goods.

Since his early career as a journalist and editor, Yusuf has been passionate about exposing the lawlessness plaguing South Africa. He was a crime journalist and editor with Talk Radio 702, where he won multiple awards for his coverage of South Africa’s villainous underbelly. He went on to become Head of News and Current Affairs at Primedia Broadcasting, during which time he was involved in founding LeadSA, the ground-breaking campaign to encourage personal responsibility and upliftment in South Africa.

Makali Lepholisa, Director
Former Commissioner for Customs, Lesotho

Makali Lepholisa has an extensive amount of experience in the areas of tax audits and tax law along with customs and border management. Lepholisa’s academic qualifications, namely a Masters Degree in Customs Administration from Charles Sturt University, along with her professional experience means she is an expert in the fields of customs and optimisation of revenue collection. 

Lepholisa has had a distinguished career with the Lesotho Revenue Authority. She held roles ranging from Assistant Commissioner for Customs Operations up to Commissioner of Customs for Lesotho and Head of the Authority’s Core Operations.

Through her professional experience, she has gained considerable expertise in managing border operations and clearance of goods for imports and exports. Her management of the Customs arm of the Lesotho Revenue Authority saw her overseeing the modernisation of customs towards improving border management and optimising revenue collection.

Andrew Mashaile, Interpol Turn Back Crime Ambassador

Andrew Mashaile is an Ambassador for Interpol’s global campaign Turn Back Crime, which is a campaign focused on encouraging a stronger dynamic between law enforcement, the public and the private sector to both prevent and fight crime.

He was appointed to this position after his successful tenure as the Chairman of the Gauteng Provincial Community Police Board. He is also a motivational speaker.