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Emergency sanctions against transnational organised crime

#FightBackSA #Sanctions4Justice #LockThemUp

South Africa is under attack. Industrialised theft has become entrenched across multiple layers of society and is stripping our nation of its assets and infrastructure.

Criminal perpetrators embedded at the very highest level are colluding with sophisticated syndicates operating across southern Africa and the wider region. The construction mafia, the illicit cigarette barons, corrupt politicians, the criminal gold, coal and diesel syndicates and crooked cops are among the battalions of bad actors amassing vast personal fortunes by looting our national resources. This is Transnational Organised Crime on the grandest scale.

Meanwhile, South African children are dying of hunger and millions are forced to live in poverty.

It is time to fight back against the traitors and foreign infiltrators who are robbing us of trillions of rand through illicit financial flows. While damning evidence is stacked up against these enemies of state, our wheels of justice turn painfully slowly.

Tax Justice SA is calling on Government to adopt the Fightback Charter 2022 that mandates our enforcement agencies to impose the following emergency sanctions against Transnational Organised Crime Groups suspected of stealing from South Africa:

  • Seize and swiftly liquidate all assets belonging to suspects charged with Transnational Organised Crime

  • Impose an immediate travel ban on all suspects in South Africa

  • Penalise banks and other financial institutions that continue to conduct business with suspects

  • Seek Interpol red notices against all suspects overseas

Transnational Organised Crime Groups are stripping South Africa like hyenas ripping at a carcass. They will not stop till only a rotting husk remains.

The Fightback Charter will choke these predators and halt their feeding frenzy. To protect our nation and its citizens, Government must adopt the Charter today.

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God Bless South Africa