The illegal tobacco trade robs the nation of R21.9 million every day

The illegal tobacco trade robs the nation of R21.9 million every day


In lost taxes

More than R40 billion in tax revenue was lost between 2010 and 2018 due to the illegal tobacco trade.

40 billion rand would be enough to finance South Africa’s public transport system. SARS Customs and Excise chief Beyers Theron has said that “Tobacco has been at the forefront for many years” of South Africa’s rampant illicit economy.

Illegal cigarettes are manufactured in factories in South Africa. Almost 15 million illegal cigarettes are smoked every day here and 3 out of 4 informal retail shops sell illegal products.

One in three cigarettes smoked in South Africa is illegal, according to the Economics of Tobacco Control Unit at the University of Cape Town.

Illicit Industries


South Africans are being pumped for cash as fuel prices soar to cover the cost of thieves.

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Illegal alcohol traders cost us 16 million rand every day and put lives at risk

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The illegal tobacco trade costs us 21.9 million rand every day.

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Illegal medicines cause thousands of deaths each year in Sub-Saharan Africa, according to the WHO and other health organisations.
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The importing of illegal clothing and textile products is destroying local businesses and costing jobs.

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