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Press Release

Gold Leaf Mafia’s money man laundered State Capture billions, says Al Jazeera

Friday 14 April 2023 – EXPLOSIVE new evidence revealed by Al Jazeera today shows that the ‘Gold Leaf Mafia’ was closely aligned with Jacob Zuma and the Guptas and helped the architects of State Capture to siphon billions of stolen rand to offshore havens.

At the centre of the revelations is Mohamed Khan, known as ‘Mo Dollars’ and identified in the first three episodes of the I-Unit investigation series as the chief money-launderer for illicit cigarette kingpin Simon Rudland, boss of Gold Leaf Tobacco.

Bombshells in the concluding episode, Have The King With You, include:

  • Mo Dollars attends a birthday party with the late Zulu king Goodwill Zwelithini, giving him a large uncut diamond

  • President Zuma pays an unannounced social visit to Mo Dollars’ offices

  • Mo Dollars employs an ANC insider as a business fixer to broker multi-million-dollar contracts with government agencies

  • The Guptas use Mo Dollars to shift billions of rand stolen via State Capture to their bank accounts in Dubai, Hong Kong and China

Tax Justice South Africa (TJSA) founder Yusuf Abramjee says: “These damning new revelations show the Gold Leaf scandal can be swept under the carpet no longer.

“Evidence of massive money-laundering so closely linked to government officials demands an urgent national inquiry.

“Mohamed Khan and the Guptas may be hiding from justice overseas, but their accomplices remain at large in South Africa. State Capture has now turned into Skyf Capture and the kingpins are still looting billions of rand desperately needed to uplift our country.

“Authorities cannot be allowed to remain silent. They must act immediately so that the criminals identified and exposed in this investigation are locked up, their hugely destructive businesses are shut down and their stolen riches are returned to the South African people.

“TJSA repeats its call for South African law enforcement and the FBI, Interpol, Dubai, Zimbabwean and other authorities to act and act right now.  We need immediate, urgent and decisive action to stop the lawlessness and bring the culprits to book.”

>>>Watch the full episode here: