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Press Release

CRIME Stoppers International (CSI) has welcomed the launch of Tax Justice South Africa (TJSA) as a “crucial weapon” in the battle against criminal tax evaders.

29 November – Anti-crime activist Yusuf Abramjee officially announced the establishment of TJSA on Monday by declaring war on the crooks who are robbing South Africa of tens of billions of rands every year.

As founder of TJSA , Abramjee said he will campaign for tax criminals to be put behind bars and the money they have looted be returned to the people who desperately need it for education, safety and housing.

Devrol Dupigny, acting CEO of Crime Stoppers International pledged his organization’s support for TJSA, saying: “Enough is enough”

Speaking from CSI’s Global Secretariat in The Hague, Dupigny stated that; “the payment of legally due taxes is essential for the future of the nation, and the criminals who evade those taxes are systematically destroying the country and its people.” “Urgent action is needed to bring the perpetrators to justice. We are confident Tax Justice South Africa will serve as a crucial weapon in that fight, and will have the full support of Crime Stoppers International”.

Abramjee is also First Vice President of CSI.

Media enquiries: Devrol Dupigny, CEO (Ag), Crime Stoppers International
Phone: +31630754773